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___AUDITION TIMES FOR WEEK 6! JUST ROCK UP____ AUDITION FOR ACTING: Monday 13th APRIL 12-1pm HOLME READING ROOM Monday 13th April 1-2pm HOLME READING ROOM Wednesday 15th APRIL 5-6pm Carslaw Tute Room 354 Wednesday 15th APRIL 6-7pm Carslaw Tute Room 354 Thursday 16th APRIL 2-3pm Isabel Fidler Thursday 16th APRIL 3-4pm Isabel Fidler AUDITION FOR […]

Welcome to the 2015 Science Revue!

Posted: 1st March 2015 by Talia M-K in Announcements

The Sydney University Science Revue is a student society that puts on a sketch comedy show each year in Semester 2. We are now entering into the 10th anniversary of SciRev’s creation, and it’s going to be one incredible year! You can find out more about us on our About Page, and if you’re interested […]