BAM! Do you like monosyllabic opening sentences? Then I’ve delivered! We want you to audition for Science Revue or something!

But Gabi/Michael, what IS Science Revue?
Science Revue is one of the many comedy shows provided by the University of Sydney Union and put on by students in the second semester as a part of a season of faculty revues. It’s a collection of songs, sketches and dances. Also SCIENCE REVUE IS HELLA FUN. HELLA. FUN. If you like being funny on stage with excellent people, sister/brother you’ve come to the right place. The show goes off like a firework riding a waterski and now I know what I’m doing with the rest of my weekend.

Can I audition?
Yes. Yes you can. There are separate auditions for acting, dancing and singing, and you can audition for as many as you’d like. As long as it’s three at most. You know what they say. Two’s company, and three is the maximum number of things you can audition for.

When are auditions?
Weeks 6 and 7! That’s the 15th – 26th of April.

Acting: 5pm-7pm Mondays & Wednesdays and the Thursday of Week 6, Badham & Bodhan Bilinksy Rooms (Holme Building)
Dancing: 4pm-6pm Tuesdays, 3pm-5pm Fridays, Holme Common Room (Holme Building)
Singing: 1pm-3pm Mondays, 12pm-2pm Wednesdays, Barnard Eldershaw Room (Manning Level 2)

If you can’t make any of those audition times but want to audition, please email auditions AT sciencerevue DOT org and we’ll figure something out!

Do I need to prepare anything?

Acting: Nope. There’ll be script reading and improv but that’s all in the audition itself. If you have a special talent you’d like to show us you can prepare that. NB Nudity is not a special talent.
Dancing: Nope! You’ll be taught some sweet choreo by Tash and Anna and then do some dancing like in that one film where they did the dancing. Make sure to bring clothes you are comfortable to dance in.
Singing: YOU BET. You will need to prepare a song that shows off your vocal skills to sing for our handsome men of red Aidan and Allister. You should be prepared to sing without accompaniment.

Do I have to be a science student?
You do not need to be a Science student to join or audition. Your faculty is not as important as your willingness to enjoy yourself as you work together to create a great show. Bring your ACCESS card or, if you don’t have one yet, your student card.

Anything else?
I think that’s it. Wear comfortable clothes/shoes so you can move around real good. be on time. If you have any questions send them to auditions AT sciencerevue DOT org and we’ll take care of it, like Marlon Brando took care of whoever it was he took care of. Not, like, in the Godfather. Streetcar? No that’s definitely not it. I’ll get back to you.

If you’re gonna come, RSVP to our Facebook event!


Gabi & Michael
2013 Directors
and authors of this miniature novel