Available Roles

By Josh

UPDATED 18th April 2014

Science Revue is currently looking for people to fill the following roles!

IT/Website Manager

The IT manager oversees the maintenance and use of the Science Revue website and any technical issues related to the Science Revue wiki. They will also be responsible for building the show website for release at the end of the mid-year break in August. They will also be charged with maintaining and consolidating additional accounts (Youtube, Twitter) where necessary.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer assist the revue by doing graphics work on a wide range of the revue’s material, and can include design and editing work for t-shirts, posters, flyers, banners, show programme and opening credits. Anything that needs the photoshop-touch is the domain of the graphic designer.


The archivist builds the archive over the course of the calendar year and inherits the responsibility of maintaining the archive of past science revues where necessary. The archivist ensures that physical and where possible electronic records of the show are kept – including t-shirts, hoodies, posters and photo archives for their year.

Well-Being Team

If you want to be in our well-being Team, email wellbeing@sciencerevue.org.
The Well-being team is appointed at the discretion of the Head of Wellbeing, and will assist the head in their duties in providing meals during minicamp, camp, weekend rehearsals and show week.