Behind-The-Scenes Roles

By Science Revue

There are several crucial behind-the-scenes roles in the Science Revue, so if you don’t want to be onstage but still want to be involved, one of these might be for you.

Available Roles

If you are interested in any of the roles below, please emailĀ

Head of Well-being

The head of wellbeing is in charge of planning, preparing and transporting meals for cast & crew where required and they must be avaliable for minicamp, camp, weekend rehearsals and show week. The head of wellbeing may also appoint additional helpers to a wellbeing team to assist them in their responsibilities.

Well-Being Team

If you want to be in our Well-being Team, email
The Well-being team is appointed at the discretion of the Head of Wellbeing, and will assist the head in their duties in providing meals during minicamp, camp, weekend rehearsals and show week.

Eager Beavers Publicity Crew

If you want to be in our publicity crew, email
The publicity crew help advertising the revue and related events alongside the Publicity Officer. This includes – but is by no means limited to – postering, chalking, flyering, painting the graffiti tunnel, and lecture bashing. If you want to get involved, email our publicity officer to find out more!

Ticketing Officer

Oversees the sale of tickets and their distribution. The ticketing officer must be responsible for the running of the ticket desk and coordinating the roster of volunteers to assist with ticket sales. They are also responsible for both liaising with the theatre for physical tickets and maintaining the online ticketing system. The ticketing officer needs to be readily available for the month leading up to the show.

IT/Website Manager

The IT manager oversees the maintenance and use of the Science Revue website and any technical issues related to the Science Revue wiki. They also maintain and consolidate the details for all additional accounts (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook) and oversee the development of the show website.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers assist the revue by doing graphics work on a wide range of the revue’s material, and can include design and editing work for t-shirts, posters, flyers, banners, show programme and opening credits. Anything that needs the photoshop-touch is the domain of the graphic designer.

Official Photographer

Responsible for taking photos of all the awesome shit Science Revue does. Whether it be camp, rehearsals or publicity the official photographer should be there taking photos. They are also given permission to set up and take photos during the show itself.

Front of House Officer(s)

The Front of House role is primarily to ensure that audience members receive the correct tickets. The Front of House Officer will also hand out show programmes and collect donations for Cystic Fibrosis at the door.

Programs Coordinator(s)

The programs coordinator role consists of sourcing and organising the content of the programme – photos, cast lists, production team blurbs, etc. – as well as creating the design and layout.