Directing Roles

By Science Revue

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Every show needs its creative leadership. The Science Revue has a range of different directing roles, some of which require more than one person. Each director is free to assign assistants or create a team of helpers if he/she feels the need to do so.


Robert Boddington and James Wilson (
The directors have complete creative control over the content of the show itself. Throughout the year, they are responsible for providing a vision for the show and its theme; working with and giving direction to the writing team; running auditions and rehearsals; casting actors; making the final decision on the sketches, songs and dances that appear in the show; liaising with the music, dance and video directors; and reporting to the executive team about the progress of the show.

Vocal Director

Rebecca Wong (
Responsible for casting singers and organizing singing rehearsals. In charge of arranging vocal pieces for workshops, auditions, rehearsals and the show itself. Liaises with directors for arranging, teaching and deciding on which vocal pieces make it into show. The vocal director will need to work closely with the band director and head writer as required.

Band Director

James Cooper-Stanbury (
Responsible for finding musicians and organizing band rehearsals. The band director will need to liaise with the directors to ensure the pieces performed fit together with the rest of the show. The band director will also need to work closely with the vocal director, and with the dance and video director(s) as required.

Dance Directors

Felicia Addison and Isaac Carroll (
Responsible for casting dancers, dance choreography and running dance rehearsals. Other choreographers can work under the dance director to help choreograph all dance pieces. The choreographers liaise with the directors to ensure that their work fits together with the rest of the show, and with the vocal and band directors for pieces with live accompaniment.

Head Writer

Shubha Sivasubramanian (
The head writer position has been created to coordinate and contribute to the writing of scripts. They share the responsibility of managing the wiki with the directors to ensure scripts are organised and easily available for cast. They will also organise writing meetings and provide advice to writers in attendance if required. A head writer must also work closely with vocal and video directors as required.

Video Directors

Tim Andersen and Emilia Higgs (
The video director is responsible for any video skits that the directors choose to create. The video director liaises with the head directors to ensure the video pieces fit together with the rest of the show, and with the music & dance directors if required for particular pieces.  The video director is also responsible for organising the filming of the show alongside the producer. A video director must also work closely with the head writers as required.

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