Executive Roles

By Science Revue

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The executive of the society deal primarily with the running of the society (rather than the show). They are voted in by the members of the society each year at the AGM (held in October).


Dominic Campbell (producer@sciencerevue.org)
The president of the society is also the producer of the show itself and is the first point of contact for most official society business. The primary role of the producer is to oversee the organisation of the show and to ensure coordination between all executive and production members. This involves having regular meetings (executive meetings, production meetings etc), and delegating tasks. It also involves setting targets for all of the executives, and liaising with them to help them with their role and coordinate it with the rest of the team. The producer usually advises the treasurers and the sponsorship officer particularly as these monetary roles can have the biggest impact on the show. The role of producer is immensely demanding but also extremely rewarding.

Assistant Producer

Lizzy Blower (assistant.producer@sciencerevue.org)
The appointment and defined tasks of the Assistant Producer is up to the discretion of the Producer. If the Producer cannot perform their duties for a period of time, the Assistant Producer may be required to act as Producer during that time.


Vahishta Bhasin & Monica Chedid (treasurers@sciencerevue.org)
The Science Revue has 2 treasurers, partly for security and partly to lessen each treasurer’s workload. Treasurers are responsible for the financial affairs of the society and their role can be split into 3 parts. Firstly, they collect money: at each event that creates revenue for the society, a treasurer must count, collect and deposit the money in accordance with society procedure. Secondly, they are responsible for spending money: this usually happens in the form of events. For each event that the society holds, a treasurer must process the appropriate paperwork with the Clubs and Societies office, and be responsible for paying for the venue, food, etc. Occasionally a member of the society may spend money on behalf of the society and in this case the treasurers must reimburse them and document it appropriately. The third is the budget: the treasurers create and manage the budget for the show year, in consultation with the producer, and are responsible for communicating the appropriate information to other executive or production members as needed.


Talia Meyerowitz-Katz (secretary@sciencerevue.org)
The secretary of the society is fundamentally a record keeper. They are responsible for taking minutes at each official society meeting, creating a database of member details, sending society news emails, managing the society email accounts and room bookings, updating the website and ensuring materials are archived for posterity. The secretary is also responsible for maintaining full and accurate cast and crew lists for each of the aspects of the revue for use in mailing lists and credits among other things.

Fundraising Officer

Aaron Cornelius (fundraising@sciencerevue.org)
The fundraising officer is also responsible for providing consistent cashflow for the society. The role involves running events that bring money into the society, such as BBQs and cake stalls. The fundraising officer must liaise with the treasurers to ensure that events and income flow are properly documented.

Publicity Officer

Davis Murphy (publicity@sciencerevue.org)
The publicity officer is responsible for publicizing all of the events of the society. The most important of these is the show itself. As the lead-up to the show is the publicity officer’s busiest time, it is recommended that they build a publicity team to help out. The publicity officer is also responsible for our O-Week stall and other events which recruit new members. In addition, the publicity officer must liaise with the rest of the executive and production team to advertise any events that they run for the society. Publicity usually takes the form of posters and chalking on campus, Facebook events, and emails (through the secretary).

Social Secretary

Natasha Madan (social@sciencerevue.org)
The social secretary is responsible for all of the social events of the society, which ensure that the members bond and have as much fun as possible. There are two major events: the annual camp, which usually happens in July; and the after-party, which occurs after the last show. Other events include viewing nights, parties, and outings to other revues, movies, comedy shows etc. The social secretary works closely with the treasurers (to fund the events) and the publicity officer (to publicise events).

Sponsorship Officer

Emma Balfour (sponsorship@sciencerevue.org)
The sponsorship officer is responsible for a large portion of the income of the society. By procuring either monetary or in kind sponsorship, the sponsorship officer enables the society to pay for the theatre, camp and other large initial costs associated with putting on a show, as well as allow money to be spent on events for members. The sponsorship officer is effectively a liaison between the members of the society and the sponsoring companies. The role involves meeting with prospective sponsors, contacting existing sponsors, creating acceptable sponsorship deals and ensuring that our side of the deal is upheld (this is usually in the form of publicity for the company in question).
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