Theatre Roles

By Science Revue

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While the show is created out of the theatre, there needs to be a team of people ready to go in the theatre to make sure everything comes alive on stage. The theatre roles are essential in making sure it all comes together.

Available Roles

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Stage Manager

Stage manager is the master of the theatre – they are the big boss in charge of running the stage inside the theatre. They are in charge of everything that happens on stage and are responsible for the Backstage, AV, Sets, Props and Costumes teams as well as all on-stage activities with the cast. During the show, the Stage Manager calls the cues for stage, lighting and AV.

Stage Manager has a high time commitment in the month leading up to the show. The SM must be at all-cast rehearsals so that they become familiar with the run-order and staging of the show. They are also responsible for assisting with the selection of the rest of the theatre team.

Assistant Stage Manager

Appointed at the discretion of the stage manager, the assistant stage manager typically serves as the roving stage manager backstage and assists the stage manager with any of their responsibilities as needed.

Backstage Manager

The backstage manager is responsible for coordinating the movement of sets and props on and off the stage alongside the backstage crew. Like the stage manager, they also need to commit to rehearsal time in the lead-up to show in order to become familiar with the run-order.

Backstage Ninjas

Silent and unseen, the Backstage Ninjas (coordinated by the Backstage Manager) move the sets and props off stage during the show. Must be comfortable wearing only black clothes and not be this guy.

Props Master

Make and source props alongside the Production Designer. The props master is also responsible for the transportation and safe storage of props in the theatre during show-week as well as coordinating the props during the show itself.

Costumes Co-ordinator

Make and source costumes alongside the Production Designer. The costume coordinator is also responsible for organising the transportation of costumes to the theatre and for any last-minute fixes that are required during show-week.

Set Co-ordinator

Make and source sets alongside the Production Designer. The sets coordinator also organises the transportation of the set to the theatre and is responsible for any set maintenance necessary during show-week.

Design Team

Assist the Props Master, Costumes Co-0rdinator and/or Set Co-ordinator in whatever capacity you feel suited to.

AV Manager

The AV manager collects and collates all the audio-visual elements for the show, including video sketches and sound effects, and is responsible for their presentation on show nights.

Head of Make-up

Organises make-up for the show and is responsible for getting stage make-up done for the cast during show-week. The head of makeup usually appoints a team of helpers in order to assist with getting everyone ready for stage.