Sydney University Science Revue presents:

Posted: 24th July 2010 by Publicity in Events


in The Charge of the Light Brigade

The game’s a-foot! The world’s greatest detective Sherlock Ohms must fight off death, danger, and even another detective if he is to solve the case of the Light Brigade! Detective Ohms, and his faithful sidekick Dr Wattson are called to a celebration for the invention of the lightbulb when, seemingly inevitably, a horrible crime occurs, and the only man who can solve it is Sherlock Ohms! (Well, there is another person who can solve it, IF Sherlock lets her) Will they be able to stop the crimes and save the day!? (Yes. They will. Worry not, dear reader.)

Now in its fifth year, Science Revue brings you another side-splitting rip-roaring formula-proving tale from the darkest crypts of Sydney University’s Science Faculty. Science Revue is a collection of sketches, songs, videos and dances – kind of like a variety show created entirely by students, who are kind of like people. All proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, proving once and for all that not only are Science students notoriously dashing and hilarious, they also have a heart. (And can explain how it works)

If you miss this show we cannot guarantee that you will ever laugh again. So, be sure to come along so you can laugh until your atoms split, your DNA unweaves, and your chemicals do a third science thing! Therefore, it has been definitely proven, through deductive reasoning, that this show is not one to be missed.

WHEN: 9th-11th September

WHERE: Seymour Center

HOW TO BUY TICKETS: Look no further than our website closer to the date.