The USU Presents Science Revue 2012: Sin(x) City!

Posted: 14th August 2012 by Fundraisng Officer in Events


Ten years ago Sin(X) City was rife with crime and villainy, but the government commissioned
a renowned mathematician to devise an equation to solve it once and for all. Thus was
created the Anti-Crime Equation, and evil was thwarted for good. But when a transferred
detective is brought onto a mysterious suicide case, he must travel to the underbelly of the
city to investigate.

Hilarity lurks around every corner as this black, white, and technicolour marvel probes the
myriad questions at the back of your mind.

Will the sinister alleyways of Sin(X) City collapse to swallow our handsome detective whole?
Will blood run freely in the gutters once more?
Was the man on the grassy knoll actually JFK?
Did I leave the treadmill running?

Prepare yourself for an evening of fun filled songs, crazed dancing, and spectacular laughs
as the Sydney University Science Revue presents its seventh show in as many years. With a
reputation and our hostage writers at stake, nothing except multiple lightning strikes and
tiny microbes will prevent us from bringing you comedy gold.

It’s Stage Film Noir like you’ve never seen it before, because you’ve probably never seen it
before. So come with us to explore the dark streets of Science Revue’s Sin(X) City.